Internal grinding machine - M250A
Internal grinding machine - M250A


This machine is applicable for grinding cylindrical hole with grinding diameter of 150-500mm and conical hole with not large conical degree. The maximum grinding depth is 450mm. It is mainly applicable for single piece small batch production.

I. Structural features and performance of the machine tool

1. Layout it adopts headstock for fixingmanual horizontal adjustment of 250mm based on practical need, working table for reciprocating motion and the abrasive wheel frame for feed motion;

2. The work piece spindle is of rolling bearing structure with good system rigidity and high rotation accuracy;

3. The clamping of work piece adopt three-jaw self-centering chuck or disc chuck with manual clamping;

4. It adopts mechanical abrasive wheel shaft.

II. Technical specification and parameters

 Grinding hole diameter 150~500mm
Maximum grinding depth When the hole diameter is 150~250mm 350mm
When the hole diameter is 250~500mm 450mm
Maximum weight of the workpiece ≤300kg
Maximum rotation diameter of the workpiece Inside the shell 510mm
Outside the shell 725mm
Maximum horizontal movement amount of the headstock 250mm
Maximum stroke of the working table 725mm
Maximum rotation angle of the headstock 15°
Rotation speed of the workpiece 28~320r/min(6speed)
Rotation speed of the abrasive wheel 2450, 4200r/min
Maximum horizontal movement amount of the abrasive wheel 100mm

Total Power(8.89/9.69/10.09kw)

Hydraulic motor


Grinding wheel motor


Cooling motor


Work piece motor


Physical dimension of machine tool


Net weight of the machine tool


Work accuracy
(Inner hole of standard test piece Φ160x200mm,45# steel)

Inner hole roundness


Diameter consistency