Centerless grinding machine - M10100
Centerless grinding machine - M10100

This centerless grinding machine is suitable for centerless grinding of various cylindrical parts, annular parts and long bar pieces (special devices need to be installed), also suitable for centerless cutting and grinding of cones with conicity less than 1: 20 and various shaped rotary parts, and can realize semi-automatic cycle operation. Combined with loading and unloading mechanisms (special order), automatic circular grinding can be realized, which is suitable for mass production.

I. Structural Characteristics and Performance of Machine Tools
1. The grinding wheel is of cantilevered structure. The spindle of grinding wheel adopts a five-piece short bearing bush dynamic-pressure sliding bearing.
2. The guide wheel is of cantilevered structure, and its spindle bearing is a 1:30 integral sliding bearing.
3. The guide wheel frame adopts hydrostatic guide rail, which can be moved quickly, and can realize micro feeding, with certain shock resistance. The guide rail is not easy to wear.
4. Variable speed of guide wheel adopts AC frequency conversion to realize stepless speed change.
5. The reciprocating movement of trimming machines for both grinding wheel and guide wheel adopt hydraulic transmission, stepless speed regulation.
6. The machine tool is equipped with automatic cutting and grinding device, which enables semi-automatic cycle work.

II.Technical Parameters
Diameter of grinding Through-feed grinding 10~100mm
In-feed 10~100mm
Max grinding length(standard bracket) Through-feed grinding 210mm
In-feed 195mm
Specification of grinding wheel P500x200x305mm
Specification of guide wheel PDA350x200x203mm
Rotation speed of grinding wheel 1250r/min
Rotation speed of guide wheel (stepless speed) 10~200r/min
Rotation angle of guide wheel In vertical plane -2°~+5°
In horizontal plane 0°~+3°
 Feed rate of feed hand wheel per division  0.002mm
In-feed travel amount Total stroke volume 3.5mm
Fast speed stroke volume 2~3.5mm
Low speed stroke volume 0~1.5mm
Distance from the center of grinding wheel and regulating wheel to the bottom surface of bracket 255mm
Total power(22.46KW) Motor for grinding wheel 18.5KW
Motor for guide wheel 3KW
Hydraulic motor 0.75KW
Lubrication motor 0.09KW
Cooling motor 0.12KW
Power source 3N~50Hz  380V
Machine tool’s overall dimension 2675x1505x1615mm
Net weight of machine tool 5000kg
Work accuracy
(Standard test piece Φ20x120mm,45# steel)
Roundness 0.002mm
Cylindricity 0.002mm
Roughness Ra0.32μm