Wide Grinding Wheel Centerless Griner - M10200
Wide Grinding Wheel Centerless Griner - M10200


This machine tool is applicable for centerless through-feed grinding of various cylindrical and annular parts and centerless in-feed grinding of cone shaped parts with conicity less than 1:20 and formed rotational parts. It can also realize semi-automatic in-feed grinding circulation. Through-feed grinding of long and thin rod material is available with material feed frame (special ordering). This machine tool is applicable for mass production.

I. Structural Characteristics and Performance of Machine Tools
1. The layout of the machine tool shall adopt double-side moving method of the abrasive wheels and guide wheels. It can be equipped with automatic material loading and unloading device;

2. Abrasive wheel shaft and guide wheel shaft is of the double-supporting structure. The front and rear bearings all adopt multi-piece dynamic pressure bearing with forced lubricating of live oil, which can meet the requirements on precision and heavy-load grinding;

3. The abrasive wheel frame adopts flat V-shaped thin membrane feedback type liquid hydrostatic guide rail with good vibration resistance and micro-feed sensitivity;

4.The in-feed mechanism adopts hydraulic mechanical type continuous speed change feed (decrease progressively);the in-feed volume can reach 4mm which is applicable for in-feed grinding of large shoulder and parts with large allowance;

5. Feed of abrasive wheel frame and abrasive wheel dressing adopts hydraulic mechanical type tracing compensation mechanism; the machine tool has compensation and dressing function at regular time;

6. The guide wheel adopts frequency conversion steeples speed regulation of AC motor;

7. The machine tool adopts PC control with interlock protection;

8. The user may choose loading and unloading mechanism (special ordering) to realize automatic through-feed grinding and in-feed grinding circulation.

II. Technical Parameters

Diameter of grinding Through-feed grinding 10~200mm
In-feed 10~200mm
Max grinding length(standard bracket) Through-feed grinding 300mm
In-feed 390mm
Specification of grinding wheel P600×400×305mm
Specification of guide wheel P350×400×203mm
Rotation speed of grinding wheel 1330r/min
Rotation speed of guide wheel (stepless speed) 12~200r/min
Rotation angle of guide wheel In vertical plane -2°~+5°
In horizontal plane -2°~ +3°
Total feeding stroke of grinding wheel frame 165mm
Quick advancing and retracting of the abrasive wheel 20~40mm
In-feed of the abrasive wheel 0~4mm
Feeding rate per graduation in scale of grinding wheel frame’s hand wheel 0.001mm
Distance from the center of grinding wheel and regulating wheel to the bottom surface of bracket 270mm
Total power (34.39)kw Motor for grinding wheel 30kw
Motor for guide wheel 3.0kw
Hydraulic motor 0.75kw
Lubrication motor 0.09kw
Cooling motor 0.55kw
Power source 3N~50HZ 380V
Machine tool’s overall dimension 3670mm×1850mm×1720mm
Net weight of machine tool 10000kg
Work accuracy
(Standard test piece Φ30x200mm,45# steel)
Roundness 0.002mm
Cylindricity 0.003mm
Roughness Ra0.32um