Internal grinding machine - M2120
Internal grinding machine - M2120


This machine tool is the common internal grinding machine which is applicable for single piece small batch production to grind the cylindrical or conical inner hole (through hole or blind hole) on various mechanical spare parts.

I. Structural features and performance of the machine tool

1. Layout of the machine tool adopts the following grinding form; fixed by headstock, the abrasive wheel performs horizontal feed motion and the working label performs vertical reciprocating motion;

2. Feed of the machine tool and dressing compensation of abrasive wheel is performed by two mechanisms without mutual interference. There’s no need to adjust the machine tool again after the new abrasive wheel is replaced;

3. The feed system has certain grinding function to control the size of work piece; both manual and hydraulic feed is available for the abrasive wheel;

4. The quick jump mechanism of the abrasive wheel set for the machine tool. Manual tool setting is unnecessary after measuring or dressing upon abrasive wheel retracting;

5. The motion of the working table is of hydraulic driving. Stepless regulation is available for motion speed. The vertical inching mechanism is set to adapt to the grinding face of internal grinding tools;

6. The plane is set for machine tool body which creates condition for installing central frame of the long work piece;

7. High speed abrasive wheel of 1800r/min is optional (special ordering) to adapt to grinding of the hole of 20-50mm.

II. Technical specification and parameters

Grinding hole diameter 50~200mm
Maximum grinding depth When the hole diameter is 50mm 70mm
When the hole diameter is 200mm 200mm
Maximum rotation diameter of the workpiece Inside the shell 400mm
Outside the shell 600mm
Movement amount of the working table per rotation of the hand wheel 12mm
Maximum stroke of the working table 600mm
Movement speed of the working table Grinding speed 1.5~6m/min
Dressing speed 0.1~2m/min
Highest speed 6m/min
Maximum rotation angle of the headstock 30°
Maximum horizontal movement amount of the headstock 250mm
Feed rale of the abrasive wheel each time 0.002~0.008mm
Maximum horizontal movement amount of the abrasive wheel 70mm
Rotation speed of the abrasive wheel 4000~11000r/min(5speed)
Rotation speed of the work piece 100~500r/min
Total Power(7.79kw) Hydraulic motor 1.5kw
Grinding wheel motor 4kw
Cooling motor 0.09kw
Work piece motor 2.2kw
Physical dimension of machine tool 2870x1380x1320mm
Net weight of the machine tool 3400kg
Work accuracy
(Inner hole of standard test piece Φ100x150mm,45# steel)
Inner hole roundness 0.003mm
Diameter consistency 0.010mm
Roughness Ra0.63μm