Wide Grinding Wheel Centerless Griner - M11100
Wide Grinding Wheel Centerless Griner - M11100

This machine tool is a wide grinding wheel centerless grinding machine. It’s adopts the double-sided movement mode, one is grinding wheel frame and the other is guide wheel frame. The grinding wheel frame makes feeding movement, and the guide wheel frame makes adjustment movement, to facilitate automatic wire connection and configuration of feeding devices such as long workpieces and bearing rings (special orders).

I. Structural Characteristics and Performance of Machine Tools
1. The grinding wheel has wider width and larger load capacity, which can reduce the number of repeated grinding and improve the production efficiency;
2. The spindles for both grinding wheel and guide wheel are of double support structure, adopting multi-piece dynamic-pressure bearings and forced lubrication by active oil;
3. The feeding guide rail of grinding wheel frame adopts hydrostatic guide rail, which can be moved quickly, and can realize micro feeding, with certain shock resistance. The guide rail is not easy to wear;
4. The driving of guide wheel’s spindle adopts AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

II.Technical Parameters
Diameter of grinding Through-feed grinding 10~100mm
In-feed 10~100mm
Max grinding length(standard bracket) Through-feed grinding 300mm
In-feed 390mm
Specification of grinding wheel P500×400×305mm
Specification of guide wheel P350×400×203mm
Rotation speed of grinding wheel 1330r/min
Rotation speed of guide wheel (stepless speed) 10~200r/min
Rotation angle of guide wheel In vertical plane -2°~+4°
In horizontal plane -2°~ +4°
Adjustment of axial displacement of guide wheel ±15mm
Total feeding stroke of grinding wheel frame 120mm
Feeding rate per graduation in scale of grinding wheel frame’s hand wheel 0.02mm
In-feed travel amount  of grinding wheel frame rapid feed 7mm
coarse feed 0.9mm
precise feed   0.1mm
Total feeding stroke of guide wheel frame 145mm
Feeding rate per graduation in scale of wheel frame’s hand wheel 0.01mm
Feeding value per graduation in scale of grinding wheel dresser hand wheel 0.01mm
Feeding value per graduation in scale of guide wheel dresser hand wheel 0.01mm
Rotation angle (in horizontal plane ) of guide wheel dresser -2°~+4°
Adjustment of displacement of diamond for guide wheel dresser -5~+25mm
Distance from the center of grinding wheel and regulating wheel to the bottom surface of bracket 290mm
Total power(25.59)kw Motor for grinding wheel 22kw
Motor for guide wheel 2.2kw
Hydraulic motor 0.75kw
Lubrication motor 0.09kw
Cooling motor 0.55kw
Power source 3N~50HZ 380V
Machine tool’s overall dimension 4100mm×1850mm×1720mm
Net weight of machine tool 10000kg
Work accuracy
(Standard test piece Φ30x200mm,45# steel)
Roundness 0.002mm
Cylindricity 0.003mm
Roughness Ra0.32um