Internal grinding machine - M2110C
Internal grinding machine - M2110C


This machine tool is of chuck type common grinding machine which is an applicable for grinding the cylindrical hole and conical hole with cone angle not exceeding 60°. This machine tool is applicable for small batch production.

I. Structural features and performance of the machine tool.

1. The machine tool layout adopts abrasive wheel to perform horizontal feed and work piece to perform vertical reciprocating motion;

2. Feed and dressing compensation of the abrasive wheel is performed by two transmission mechanisms with no mutual interference. There’s no need to adjust the machine tool again after the new abrasive wheel is replaced;

3. Both manual and hydraulic horizontal feed is available of the abrasive wheel. The abrasive wheel will make micro-feed (periodic feed) once after each reciprocating motion of the working table. Stepless regulating of the feed rate is available;

4. The quick jump mechanism of the abrasive wheel is set for the machine tool. Manual tool setting is unnecessary after measuring or dressing upon abrasive wheel retracting;

5. The feed system has fixed-stroke grinding function, which is easy for size control of the work piece during batch production;

6. The motion of the working table is of hydraulic driving. Stepless regulation is available for motion speed. Stop device is set for quick retracting of the working table. The quick retraction stroke can be adjusted based on the practical need to reduce idle stroke time and improve the work efficiency.

II. Technical specification and parameters 

Grinding hole diameter 6~100mm
Maximum grinding depth When the hole diameter is 6mm 9mm
When the hole diameter is 100mm 150mm
Maximum rotation diameter of the workpiece Inside the shell 260mm
Outside the shell 480mm
The maximum length of the workpiece 约170mm
Maximum stroke of the working table 550mm
Maximum weight of the supporting work piece(including clamps) 50kg
Maximum rotation angle of the headstock 20°
Rotation speed of the work piece 180、250、355、500r/min
Rotation speed of the abrasive wheel 10000、18000、24000r/min
Maximum horizontal movement amount of the abrasive wheel 80mm
Total feed rate of the abrasive wheel 0.6mm
Periodic feed rate of the abrasive wheel 0.002~0.008mm
Total Power(3.49/3.79kw) Hydraulic motor 0.75kw
Grinding wheel motor 2.2kw
Cooling motor 0.09kw
Work piece motor 0.45/0.75kw
Physical dimension of machine tool 2363x1260x1310mm
Net weight of the machine tool 1800kg
Work accuracy
(Inner hole of standard test piece Φ60x100mm,45# steel)
Inner hole roundness 0.003mm
Diameter consistency 0.010mm
Roughness Ra0.32μm