Diameter of grinding Through-feed grinding 2~40mm
In-feed 7~40mm
Max grinding length(standard bracket) Through-feed grinding 140mm
In-feed 120mm
Specification of grinding wheel PSA350x125x127mm
Specification of guide wheel PSA250×125×75mm
Rotation speed of grinding wheel 1870r/min
Rotation speed of guide wheel (stepless speed) working speed 20~180r/min
dressing speed  250 r/min
Rotation angle of guide wheel In vertical plane -2°~ +4°
In horizontal plane 0°~ +3°
Distance from the center of grinding wheel and regulating wheel to the bottom surface of bracket 190mm
Total power (9.03kw) Motor for grinding wheel 7.5kw
Motor for guide wheel 1.1kw
Hydraulic motor 0.25kw
Lubrication motor 0.09kw
Cooling motor 0.09kw
Power source 3N~50Hz 380V
Machine tool’s overall dimension 1550x1300x1405mm
Net weight of machine tool 约2000kg
Work accuracy
(Standard test piece Φ20x75mm,45# steel)
Roundness 0.002mm
Cylindricity 0.002mm
Roughness Ra0.32μm